Saturday, October 31, 2009


Prints can now be purchased at my store @
UPDATE AGAIN! Shipping is now 5.00. I now know that international shipping is so much more expensive than I thought. I pack each package so much that it was costing me more and more to ship items.

They measure 8.5x11, printed on a heavy cover stock paper and signed and numbered each. Each purchase will be shipped flat and will include stickers, pins and other ghoulish treats! Click the button for instant purchase! Any questions please email

Thursday, October 29, 2009

EL TORO x RAREBREED - "Risen from the dead" T-shirt

Alright zombie & EL TORO lovers out there. The shirts are fresh from the press and they are ready to be served up! Rarebreed is hosting the release party tonight if you are a local. Most of you guys I know from flickr have been asking how to get a hold of these if you can't make it out. So first time ever, we are making online sales with this shirt through Rarebreed. So check it out here's what you gotta do.

1. Email Rarebreed at with your info and he will get back to you with his payment info. Please include in the subject line " EL TORO T-SHIRT"

2. Be sure to tell him your size. These are printed on some nice quality shirts, but they are not fitted shirts. I would suggest a normal dude to go with a L rather than XL. If you normally like your shit tighter, then go with the M.

3. I recommend having paypal. I think he will accept checks, money orders and cash, BUT it will not guarantee you getting one since that takes longer to process. Paypal is definitely the way to go.

These are super limited prints for the shirts. So go contact him now if you really want one before they sell out.

The shirts are going for $24 bucks! You can't beat that. Its a whopping 6 color shirt. Some streetwear brands have 1 color shirts that they sell for $30 bucks. What a jip!

I got a halloween treat for you guys as well. Check out the blog halloween day for what's about to drop. If you like the shirt, then you're gonna love this! Check back October 31, 2009 in the morning for the details.

I will be having a contest for all the people that bought the shirt. Please submit a picture of you or some one wearing the shirt and you will be entered to win.

1st price gets a canvas
2nd price gets a custom painted spray paint can
3rd price gets a goodie bag of treats!

Make the picture more interesting to win!
Send submissions to
Winners will be announced Friday, November 13.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Custom Yoka Bear

Here's my submission for the Yoka bear custom show going at the Designercon 2009 at Pasadena, CA on Nov. 21st. I was fortunate enough to be invited by DKE toys to be part of this great show. DKE toys organized the Custom Vader helmet show that toured around the globe, inviting artists from everywhere to customize their very own Vader helmet. This Yoka bear show should be a doozy, im expecting the pictures are slowly getting released.

I wanted to do something non bear related cuz im sure their was going to be something similar like it from another great artist. I chose something obscure and wanted to do Bebop from TMNT. He was a great footman/side kick along with his partner Rocksteady. Clearly great 80s lingo referring to the booming Hip hop influence in the culture. Even back then I knew i connected with something. Thanks to my girlfriend for helping me make his jewelry fit better. With out her those details would not be possible. The hardest part was to get that damn nose piercing inserted. For more info please visit Designercon 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


With the new graphic almost here are some free EL TORO zombie wallpapers for your iphone and your desktop.




Here's the upcoming t-shirt graphic for release this month. Plans are still being made on how to obtain this for everyone as fair as possible. Right now I know that the size and quantity is going to be super limited for this one so dont sleep on it. Also, I know everyone is hurting with money and these will be priced very reasonably considering its a 5+ color print. Take a minute and participate in the poll so I can see what's the most popular sizes for people who are interested in purchasing this. Oh yeah, it'll probably some Paypal set up too. So sign up now if you want to purchase these.

This shirt is going to be releasing through Rarebreed here in Philly. Locals can always go to the shop and pick one up. The release date will be announced soon via my blog and other social networking sites.

What size of t-shirt would you buy?
Mens S
Mens M
Mens L
Mens XL
Girls S
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 2.0

The gangs all here

Last one to finish...

My good friend Matt Katz forwarded me more pictures from Philly fashion week via the Phrequency blog, check out the flicks here. Their are more photos taken with great progress shots of the wall and also awesome fashion photos with the characters peeking from the background.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Philly Weekly features "Dia de los Muertos"

Roberta Fallon from Philly Weekly did a write up about the Dia de los Muertos show at Proximity gallery last friday. Shout outs to a few Autumn Society members including yours truly.

From the article " at $150, it’s the steal of the show."

You hear that?! It's a steal! Go buy it right now!

Check out the article here
To inquire about the purchase click here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 (updated)

Some more links are starting to pop up from Philly fashion week... You can see some nice progress shots of the artwork behind the models through out the night. Check it out here:

Local channel ABC 6 news covered part of the show. Some nice close ups of the art too! Too bad blogspot won't let me embed the video, check it out here! And some photos here

And fashion photographer and philly local Josh Cohn has tons of pictures through out the night on his flickr

Tonight is the last night and I am excited to see the photos through out the night with the finished wall behind the models tonight. I'll keep you guys posted so be sure to keep checking back.

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 with EL TORO, BOB & Nose

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 invited me, Bob and Nose to do a live painting for the 2nd day of Philly Fashion Week. It's the first time Philly ever held a fashion week and now there's definitely going to be more in the future. They held the event at the Armory on 23rd st and it looks like an old castle, dungeon place where they store tanks. I saw Jin the MC once in college there and they had a huge tank for the back ground. I didnt know it was a working tank. That's crazy.

Tons of people in attendance to see the latest fashion going down in Philly. The headliner of the night was Triple 5 Soul with a performance from TuPhace. We started the wall around 3:30 and we taped off the background to make the stripes pattern. We ended up finishing around 9:30 right before Triple 5 Soul hit the stage. The whole night was a blast, we had VIP passes that made me feel like I was in Wayne's World and was flashing it to everybody haha. We used some organic green paint and also some Junobo to paint the whole thing. I love painting with these 2 guys simply because it's a push and pull on our creative outlook of the project. We have very different styles, but in the same time I think it compliments each other very well. Seriously the 2 great street artists in Philly, I couldn't have think of better guys to paint with. Im glad we represented Philly at its finest in the first ever Philly Fashion Week. We already got booked for the second one, so stay tuned!

Thanks for all the people in attendance that night, my gf for being a trooper, the random people who came up to us for photos or questions and Kaitlin for the invitation to be part of the show and also the rest of the people that organized the event. If your a photographer with some photos of the event please drop me a line, i'd love to see some great photos from that night.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Friday @ Proximity Gallery

Had a blast at the Dia De Los Muertos show at Proximity Gallery last Friday. It was first friday and so many people came out for support. The works were all top notch and some one even made some real sugar skulls. They were going for 10 bucks a pop and by the end of the night they were almost all gone. I was truly excited to be part of this event, I've always wanted to be part of one. The theme of the event has something I've been really in love with for a while and the whole imagery of the holiday is truly great.

I remember growing up in the Philippines and celebrating All Saints Day which lands on the same day and is very similar to the way the holiday is celebrated. Families would gather to cemetaries to celebrate and remember their departed loved ones, but rather than mourning its a day of laughs and good times. Another thing I vividly remember doing is collecting wax from all the candles and making wax balls (thats what she said) By the end of the day you come out with a big ball of wax full of different colors. Then I dont know what ever happend after that. I think I probably remelted it. haha

Ok back to the show....during the event their was a late night Pizza truck that drove by ringing a fire bell kinda like an ice cream truck, but serves all kinds of late night snacks. The choices were Pizza, white pizza, funnel cake, philly pretzels, pizza pretzels, water ice and gelato. For $1.50 a slice you really can't get any better. The pizza is made right in the truck and for 8 bucks you can get a whole pie. Oh and the truck only goes around Fishtown. You have to be in the area to here the bell. Wait, I was suppose to say something about the show and not pizza. The wall I got hung on was great, I was surrounded by awesome talent. More pics here

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jack Daniels X EL TORO

Jack Daniels celebrated its birthday this year by organizing events all across the United States. The first stop was Ohio and the 2nd stop was here in Philadelphia at Ladder 15. I think the next one is in Miaimi and a few in Texas. It's great to be a part of the celebration and really wanted to thanks the guys from Hive, Jack Daniels, Ladder 15 for inviting me to paint for the event. Also, thanks to Junobo for providing the paint for the piece. I think this is the first time Junobo has been used to paint a full piece rather than just catch tags with it. I had a great time using it and filled very nicely.

I started around 7:30 with the bottom bubbles. the highlights on the character and also stenciled the Jack Daniel's logo on it. already painted before hand. I was worried for a split second that I wasn't going to have enough time and also around 11:30 it started misting. My deadline was at 1o'clock and I finished around 12:30. Immediately after that I drank some delicious booze. Downed a couple Jack n Cokes and capped the night with a pint glass of some Jack Daniels fruit punch. That went down like hawaiian punch on a hot summer day. I definitely paid for that last drink on my way home. Luckily I kept everything in and made it home safe. By the end of the night I was feeling great and came home with a new Jack Daniels shirt, a new belt and a JD wooden belt buckle. Had a great time that night and looking forward to more events like this in the future.