Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nothing but the Breaks....

Dripppped, originally uploaded by frost215.

Set of 4 KISS inspired vinyl records done for a show in B More called Nothing but the Breaks on April 5th.. Its suppose to be a funk inspired show and i know KISS isnt funk, but couldnt help juxtapoz the kiss make up in something bright and funky colors. I used black Junobo paint for the outline and couldn't be any happier with the results. BUY some junobo, the product is off the chain. Bold and bright colors and can be picked up at Check the flyer for more info

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NBC logos

NBC whut!, originally uploaded by frost215.

No no...its not the peacock nbc

Workin on a new logo for some future projects and wanted to hear some thoughts and ideas to the public. This is just round 1 so more changes will be made if need be for round 2.

most of the type you see are either custom made or tweaked from a font. Just cuz sometimes fonts wont cooperate with what you want and you just gotta cut loose!

enjoy the sexy type

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

keep on runnin....

keep on runnin...., originally uploaded by frost215.

Workin on some different styles for my illustration portfolio. Im liking the bendy appendeges alot. I've been tryin to apply it to a different other characters. Examples coming soon...

Might Muggs x Sabretooth

Might Muggs x Sabretooth, originally uploaded by frost215.

Another one of my custom Mighty Muggs. More soon to come. Requests are always welcome. Hasbro please contact me if your interested! haha

Mighty Muggs x Juggernaut

Mighty Muggs x Juggernaut, originally uploaded by frost215.

My recent obsession of Mighty Muggs had led me to design my own. Hasbro holler at yo' boy! I got tons of these guys lined up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Methods X EL TORO Knock em OUT!

Methods X EL TORO Knock em OUT!, originally uploaded by frost215.

Droppin some hot gear with Methods NYC once again. They did my first EL TORO shirts, now here comes the 2nd banger. Comes in 3 dope color ways fresh for ur spring gear. Stay tuned and i'll tell you how to get your hands on some.