Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[]D [] []V[] []D [] []\[] aint easy..

Jacked from Ticky/UWPs flickr page

Monday, July 27, 2009


Rocked out to MCJAWN.COM block party this past Sunday. Met up with some friends and found some old ones that were very unexpected, but very awesome to see them again. Ended up meeting some fans and really got me pumped on painting some new stuff. Thanks again for all the encouragement and support! Here's the festivities.

The crowd

Everybody was rockin out to some boards provided by MCJAWN

EL BORRACHO in chalk
Frog X Ticky Chalk goodness

Frog X Toro chalk

the crew that afternoon

Way too hot outside

Bronzed statues: Finished HERE

Hang in there

Today was a good day...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I wonder if the new movie will have a bad ass song like this in the beginning. I mean how more American can u get?! Beating up terrorists in front of the Statue of Liberty and not even make a scratch on it. Wicked Awesome.


the NEW G.I.Joe Trailer. I cant hate though, i dont think it'll be nearly as awesome as the animated, but theirs ninja fighting on this one. Soo yeh that makes the movie for me. They haven't revealed if Cobra Commander will be in the new one, i hope so. Destro is all about pussy, he's after the Baroness and not global domination.


Ok so slacking on the updates lately. Here's a lil video post bout auto-tune and the true hip hop players respond to it. Although i find it funny that Kanye West is signed to Roc-a-fella records and he's totally dissin' Lil Wayne on it. What bout Kanye? His whole last album was auto-tune addiction.

Jay-Z "Death of Auto-Tune"

To keep it even more real. Here's a way better version on hip-hops commentary on the auto-tune.

Krs-One X Buckshot - "Robot"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Thanks to all the people that showed up in Brooklyn. Shout outs to the Robots Will Kill crew that came out and supported. Been tight with the RWK crew since 04 and still holding it strong in this game. Longevity is the key. Always innovating and never duplicating.

All the people I met, you guys totally rocked. Thanks for coming up to me and saying what's up. NYC is full of love for an out of towner. Gotta love that.

Brooklyn, you guys know how to party. Everytime I go to a Methods NYC show i feel like im such an old fart. I'm like Cinderella; pass midnight and Im hustlin and bustlin' barely standing and looking for the train home before something bad happens. You guys know how to throw it down. New summer shirts were printed just for the event, but stay tuned cuz thats dropping really soon. For the mean time check out the "PRESSURE" line on sale now. Visit them at their store in Brooklyn and online.

Thanks Dave and the Methods crew for making it happen. 4 years strong with you guys.

Check out their site here