Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sav Killz rockin Methods NYC in his new video and guess who made it! Yep..rockin the bright green Knock Out tee. WHUT! WHUT! Thanks Dave for hookin this up. Visit Methods NYC

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The latest canvases for the Locals Only show are now for sale here. Email me at frost215@gmail.com for any inquiry on sales and or general questions about the canvases. These aren't framed, i just put that for a fancy effect. With your purchase comes vinyl and hand drawn stickers, some pins and other stickers from my collection.

This is a triptych canvas made up of 3 8x10 canvas boards.

This is on a 11x14 canvas board.

This is on a 11x14 canvas board.

This is on a 14x18 canvas board.

OooOOooOOoohhh yeeeaaahhh!!!!

OooOOooOOoohhh yeeeaaahhh!!!!, originally uploaded by frost215.

Snap into a SLIM JIM!!!!

New sticker in the works. Hopefully more to come.

The era when WWF wasn't WWE. Where you didn't need sex to sell wrestling, just really good wrestlers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I like Girls, Girls, Girls!

Girls. Girls. Girls., originally uploaded by frost215.

Girls I do adore....

Just saw a really kick ass blog today from the Brand Studio Press. The company is ran by 1 dude and presses all these kick ass art books from all different types of artists around the globe. He's very into the cartoon retro look and has several books available for purchase in the store.

I cant draw girls that well, but im slowly working on that. I may have to pick up a few books for references. This style is so much fun to draw. Maybe EL TORO needs some ladies in the future.

Blog it up here and store is here

More Locals Only show pics

Monday, February 9, 2009

Locals Only Show @ Rarebreed.

Puttin in work and watch my status escalate...