Monday, November 23, 2009


A look at what Philly street wear is all about. When they were interviewing with Abakus, you can see EL TORO pop up on n the sticker wall behind Jackson. captured the Philly vibe in a very short time. My favorite spot of course is Abakus with their choice selections on brands and the illest dead stock sneaker selection you'll find in Philadelphia. Watch the video and get educated on what Philly has to offer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another satisfied customer...

The support and feedback I got from the prints were truly amazing. Thank you so much to you guys for the support and the love for my art work. I feel like I am at the post office almost every other day. With this tremendous good response, I am already working on tons of sketches to do for a 2nd print. Hopefully that will becoming with in the new year or so. I also learned that shipping over seas is actually much more expensive than I thought. Here are some examples of some the packages and art work I've been sending to the fans. If you ever wondered what an EL TORO pack consists of here's what you got coming to you.

Steve from Ontario, Canada

Seak from ? ( i forget)

Mokah from Hawaii

Ares from South NJ

Friday, November 13, 2009

Custom Yoka show @ Designer Con 09

Here are some more submissions for the custom Yoka bear show at Designer con this year via ToysRevil blog.

Can't wait to see the rest of the submissions as the show as it gets closer. Thanks to DKE toys for letting me participate in this awesome event. From the widely success of the Vader Project they organized, I hope this does the same. So many awesome artists are participating for this one and I'm just glad to be part of it! Shows you that with alot of hardwork you can actually see some forward movement in your career. I hope to be part of more future shows after this one. Please don't hesitate to email me about participating in your show. Email is on the right side --->

Sunday, November 8, 2009



canvases have been moved to my online store at

Canvases are going up for sale lower than it was from the show it was originally shown at. I've been getting a good response from alot of the fans and supporters on the past few posts and just would like to thank you so much for the love and support. I want everyone to be available to afford the art they like so I priced these canvases almost half from what they were listed before.

The new orders for prints and vinyl records were packed and made tonight. Your packs will be going out this week and I included some stickers, buttons, stickers from a few friends along the way, collabs when requested and a lil extra surprise. Canvases purchases will also include the same thing. Check out Mister's pack here. If any other people have pictures of stickers, canvsases or any EL TORO pics please email them to me and I will post here.

Canvases here...

This is not the Kitten Mittons informecial because it got taken down. But this is also hilarious from the gang. "Oh shit theirs stickers!"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Posted about these a few months ago, but the plans never really came into fruition like I intended it to be. Long story short, I got some of my tees back. My loss is now your gain. These are going on sale for super cheap, just trying to move them to get more printed soon. The zombie shirts neglected the ladies, now I have some shirts for the girls. The shirts are printed on Ladies Gildan Soft style and the guys are printed on Hanes Beefy tees which are the same tees the Abakus shirts were printed on. I gave alot of these for promotion as well so I only have a very select few sizes left. Its first come first serve on the sizes and will refund the paypal payment if that size you ordered is sold out.

Ladies 2 Smalls, 3 Mediums
Men 1 Small, 2 Mediums, 1 Large


* Update vinyls are now available at my store @
Recently found some old records diggin through some crates. Busted out some random styles and characters on these vinyls. Now on sale for $15.00 each and $18.00 for international just a lil bit more for shipping. Thanks for understanding. Only 1 each so don't wait to grab one now!