Friday, August 15, 2008


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Loved this cartoon when i was a kid and would watch it every time its on. Although i could not afford the toys this cartoon was based on. My mom would have me play with plastic dinosaurs and ill build lego weapons for them and have G.I.Joes as the riders. I think that's much cooler.

This episode was all about the Torosaurus and how they worked in a herd. 80's cartoon always had a message. What do cartoons do now for kids except for collect card games and fry the brains. My kid will definitely be watching all 80's cartoons. It worked for our generation pretty well.

Stupid Fresh!

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Abakus Takeout x EL TORO colaboration in the works.

This image i sketched up is for a flyer and t-shirt graphic for my upcoming solo show at Abakus Takeout. They have been kind enough to trust me with the graphic and the total feel of the show. Things are slowly coming together for this and I can not wait for it to happen. It's going to feature new works that have not been showcased. ALL NEW WORKS. no recycled works from the past. It is going to be definitely a new and fresh look for the whole Philly street art scene. We are making waves and its time for people to take notice. Philly street art is definitely evolving rapidly to a great character based scene. No city in the world, that i know of, right now are on the same wave as we are.

So mark your calendars, its SEPTEMBER 27, 2008. You have been warned.

Stay tune for more images for the show coming up soon.


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New shirts for the new Fall 08 Methods NYC line.

Fear is a feeling, it can not kill you. Face your fears and you will conquer all.

The theme of this whole line up is Dreams & Nightmares. These are some sick colorways and definitely gonna be a hot seller for the fall. You can visit them at METHODS NYC

These will be available at Karmaloop, MethodsNYC site and their new store in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Wild Style

Farnsworth Bentley featuring Andre3000, Kanye West & Sa-Ra

Definitely my new favorite video at the moment. Takin' it back!!!