Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Red Furry & the MUGGS

canvas & toys, originally uploaded by frost215.

Since the purple furry got stolen, this is the new red edition. Still having a blast doing these guys, it took a few hours to get the colors i want. it totally changed from the first color option i was thinking about. Its sometimes hard to get the colors that i was picturing in my head to come out the same when i paint. ended up changing the color a few times before i ended up with this.

ENJOY the holidays!

Aint no such things as halfway crooks...

I got invited by Rick to be a featured artist at this months Peel Here 08 in California this year. I ended up sending them 2 small canvases and a butt load of stickers. During the night of the event though, something horrible happend and 1 of my canvases got stolen from the wall. It didn't stop there, Under Water Pirate's canvas also got stolen and a customized munny. Now i know these art shows attract vandals and people who break the law on a daily basis, but I didn't know that they started to turn on their own kind. It was very disappointing to hear this coming from such a great show. Rick from PeelHere has been kind enough to compensate me for my losses. Its such a shame that times are hard like this, that people will steal from their own kind. Your suppose to support the movement, not hinder it. The canvas got stolen is the purple furry TORO pictured below. Thanks 14bolt for the shot! If you are reading this, enjoy your stolen canvas. Your obviously a fan, but not enough to show support.

On the flip side of things, you are slick enough not to get caught. We should start a gang of thieves together. I'll need your expertise on my team. Now I just gotta find a driver, a strong man, a hacker and a hot chick that can blow shit up.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Fista-cuff, originally uploaded by frost215.

The guys at Liber-8 Me project got me on another project for the streets.

It went up 1 night and some are already down. Check out the site for more info on what went down.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Bob Will Reign created this and wanted me to post it. ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The gift of gab...

McJawn's El Toro Interview from jawny mcjawn on Vimeo.

The people at just put out a new online magazine for the masses. I was lucky enough to be involved and got an interview with them. You get to find out some backgrounds and all that mushy Barbara Walters shit. The only thing i forgot to do is to shout out my homie Bobs site. Bob Will Reign

Monday, December 8, 2008


The holiday season is upon us (i know kinda late on this) and you guys are running around with out a clue on what to get that special some one. I suggest buying art and not another sock or sweater they'll never wear. Invest in art. It brightens up any white wall in your house and is a great way to show your support haha

These are the canvases from the Abakus show last September. If you were bummed about missing out on the event, now you can purchase something to take home and enjoy!

These are the cans that were available at the Abakus show. Limited to 60 pieces. All cans are signed and numbered. Each can is unique and no 2 are the same.

Marker on wood isn't easy. It bleeds out and makes a horrible outcome if you don't approach it correctly. This one was so much fun to do and took some time on getting it not to bleed everywhere.

I love typography. Letters are sexy to me. This is a woodburn piece full of some sexy swoops, drips and ligatures.

EL PISTOLERO! Move out the way before you get into the line of fire! My favorite part of this pieces is the gold in the hand gun. When hung, that gold just pops from the piece. PEW! PEW! PEW!

This is the 1st piece that ignited the show for Abakus. It also led to labeling a beer with the same name. Although their are no beers left, I will throw in an empty bottle of EL BORRACHO for display. Also, some stickers of the labels. Only this canvas will get those stickers.

Viva La Zapata! Fight for your rights and don't let any one pressure you into doing something you don't want to. Fight till you can. Burn the city if you must!

My other nautical themed canvases from Abakus. The 8 armed blue octopus is kind to those who believe, but will suck up sailors down below if they don't. Also, you can never get away from the all seeing eye.

All canvases are shipped via USPS and includes stickers and pins!

These pieces are available for purchase. Please email me at for any inquiry about any of the pieces.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Give Less Fruitcake, BUY More Art

T & P's newest show coming this Friday. Tons of exciting artists and some even brand new to Philly. Check out the flyer. This gallery is a brand new gallery in South Philly and support from the locals have been great. Please come by and check out the show.

More info here