Monday, December 17, 2007

Homer J. Simpson 30 Years of Homer

Featured in last nights episode of the Simpsons. My all time favorite cartoon ever. The pass 2 seasons the writing on the Simpsons were getting really soft and sometimes repetitive. I'd chuckle and snicker here and there, but not my usual outburst of excitement and joy I usually do every Sunday night at 8. However, this season has been ridiculously over the top as far animation and production goes. Writing has also been alot better, although not hilarious, they have been touching on a lot of subject matter that the Simpsons are now maturing. Since the release of the movie this season has been revitalized and truly an exceptional season. It's come along way from the Tracy Ullman show to what it is now. I cant wait what they come up next. Matt Groening has said that the movie will bring the Simpons to the end, I feel that it did and rebirthed a new era of the Simpson empire.

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