Friday, February 8, 2008

Movie Reviews

With a lack of internet at home and camera..i have to find things to post while im at work...

so u get movie reviews...

Across the Universe

If your young and a Beatles fan, this is the movie you wanna see. Not a fan of musicals really, but this was just a visual and auditory orgasm. So many things to keep you interested in every scene.

Im Not There

I wished i knew more bout Dylan to appreciate the movie. Had very weird parts that im sure if you knew more about Bob Dylan it would make sense. All around good acting though.

Dewey Cox

Hilarious movie, filled with some odd cameo's. Was a fan of Walk the line and this movie totally rips it off, but in an awesome funny way.


kicking ass and taking names is what Rambo does. He is a killing machine! This movie rocks! You want to see people exploding, limbs getting cut and alot of machine gun turret action! He's old, but still can snipe you from 100 yards with a bow and arrow.

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