Monday, June 9, 2008


Possibly one of the most offensive and brutaly honest tv shows in a while and in the same time gut busting laughter. Little background for you non watchers, the characters are Dee, Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Frank, Dennis' & Dee's dad which is played by Danny Devito. The show is written and produced by all 3 and Mac directs some of the episodes along with Fred Savage. That's right, the dude from Wonder Years. It usually starts at the bar they own and then spreads out to the streets of Philly. Here's a clip from 1 of my favorite episodes where Dee ends up dating a rapper, but thinks he's mentaly retarded. So the boys feel like if he can do it, they can also be in a band.
Night Man

Day Man

They were shooting last Friday and couple flicks from the event will be posted soon.

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