Saturday, September 13, 2008

A beast roams at FDR

Beast of burden, originally uploaded by frost215.

Sightings of a slow movin beast thats rummaging around FDR park.

Had some leftover cans that needed to be emptied for the Abakus show. Got to FDR and met this gnarly dude Houdini.

Houdini pointed to a spot that was full of just scribbles and also a spot where the skaters wouldn't use. Real awesome dude, he rides a body board that's hollowed out with a skateboard underneath. Also, does the old school waves around FDR. Real retro and classic lookin. He even got it featured at one of the Tony Hawk games. While painting, he got all up in some young dude just taggin up the park. The young kid mistakenly went over his piece and got a real reality check. Respect the game kid or it will fight back.
Also, Houdini borrowed a can of black paint to cross out his ex's phone number he put up around the park. Supposedly if your lookin for a good time, you should call her. Apparently, she was getting phone calls at 4am and she's calling him right after to complain. First off, some one actually calls those phone numbers written on the walls? Secondly, are you actually thinking your going to have a good time. Finally, did this ever work back in the day? Some sort of hippie code for some sexy time back in the day?

All in all, good day and if you want to find out what meal to eat before painting, i suggest this one.

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