Sunday, August 29, 2010

I ate this!

Fried Chicken, Fries & Beer at the beach. Fuck yeh!

Sushi platter
My first piece of Octopus
Check out the rest of the food here

Ribs & Fries w. Sauce on the side Extra bark just the way I like it

My gf got the pulled pork with coleslaw. It was also good.

I love these small places for ribs and bbq. They always put just alil more extra care to their food. I wish i took a photo of the logo. doh!

Bacon Cheeseburger w. curly fries from Vesuvios. Tasty

Sausage, Egg n Cheese on a biscuit with potatoes from Morning Glory. The biscuits looks like coffee cake slices. It is uh-mazing.

Tocino AKA Cured chicken Filipino Style.

Curly Tops & Choc*Nut from Philippines. Thanks Sis!

Gf and me went to Naked Chocolates. I got something called Junk in the Trunk and she got the Mousse chocolate. We shared some delicious Caramel Frappucino thing. It was a perfect way to end a date night.

Lone star beer for the missus and I got something called "The Bull" It's Kenzinger beer, Lemonade and Tequila. It's tasty! Plus im a sucker for things named "the bull" Go figure..
Pulled pork sandwich on Texas Toast with a side of thin cut fries from Camino De Real.
1 word. BANGIN' This place is now a direct competition with PYT in the Piazza for me.

Dark Chocolate Gellato w. Hershey Syrup, Whipped cream and Sprinkles. @ work woohoo!

Ice Cream sandwich with sprinkles.

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