Friday, March 18, 2011

Thom Yorke Live DJ Set

I am not a big Radiohead fan. I actually think some of their music is kinda bleh except for the singles. I just dont think I like to be depressed when I listen to music. Anyways, he did a Dj set randomly in LA at a club called Low End Theory. His first cut is ok, getting the crowd warmed up, but once he put on Madvillain's - Americas Most Blunted the crowd got hyped. 
I also just heard he's trying to do a song or album with DOOM. I just hope the Ghostface album he promised and along with 2 other albums (Madvillain 2, a new King Gheedora) in the shelf will come out before the MF Yorke comes out. Props to any Dj who bumps MF DOOM. 

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