Saturday, July 19, 2008


EL BORRACHO 6'ER AND DEUCE DEUCE, originally uploaded by frost215.

So a few months ago, Matt from hits me up to colaborate with him on his microbrew expedition and after a few talks we came up with the first batch EL BORRACHO.

Sequel Brewing is now born and the first batch is called EL BORRACHO. It's called Sequel Brewing because of the theme we chose for this is Rocky. This doesn't really illustrate that idea yet, but their are other beers in the works that will play on the Rocky villains.
The 2 turtles on the side top label are Rocky's turtles, Cuff & Link. and to tie in more to the rocky theme we set up an established Jan. 1st 1976. That was the date of Rocky's first fight.

EL BORRACHO is a Summer Wit brew. It has a dark golden color and the taste is bold and refreshing. It's super exclusive because this batch is limited to 2 cases. Don't worry though their will be a next batch.

Click on the picture to see more on my flickr stream.

Like Rocky were swinging till the end. Nothing can knock us out.

Thanks again to Matt for this opportunity and check out his flickr and blog here

Finding Philly and Matt's flickr

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