Monday, July 14, 2008

¡Viva La Zapata!

Zapatista, originally uploaded by frost215.

Another canvas done this weekend. Been getting busy with some different style this time. I think its a blend between my previous techniques mixed with the new ones i recently learned. So far this has been my favorite peice, but it seems like i say that everytime i finish a new one. The next one is a strange one, that i really don't know what to do for just yet. Also i got a request to do a farmer toro with a pitchfork and corn. It's starting to shape up like "American Nightmare" painting dipped in acid in my head.

Also, many of you guys already know that toys are in production since 1 year or so ago. I just got word that the final sculpt we approved is now too big to mold. Now that leaves us back to square 1. I now have to redesign my sketch and make Toro built like a GI JOE. This means couple peices will be molded and then put together to build this behemoth. Stay tune for that cuz i think i'll start posting the process for any one who wish to know how this is done. It's been such a long task and to end up back to square 1 is a bummer. I am happy though that after this it should come out perfect and awesome. We're still shooting for a 08 release date. We'll see how that works out.

Leaving you guys with some sites for toys and just another shout out to my boys at Abakus.

Keep on fighting wherever you may be.

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