Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Black Buffet

Love em or hate em. Sean "diddy" Combs or whatever name he chooses when he wakes up is a smart and powerful business man. You dont gotta agree with his songs, but his wealth and his empire speaks louder than he ever can (and you thought that was impossible)

Today he announced that he bought the clothing brand enyce (pronounced En-i-ché) First time hearing the correct pronounciation of that brand. He talks alot in the video below, but theirs a couple points where he just goes off and blabs on how enyce and diddy will be eating fried chicken and champagne cuz enyce is now in his kitchen. Weird i know, but this man hustles. Its 5 am and he's talking like he's been awake for hours! How does he survive? I keep going back to that Nas quote "sleep is the cousin of death" but damn! man u need rest. atleast take some naps. The man is a hustler and definitely building an empire no one saw coming when he was still rapping with Mase and waving his rollies from side to side. Respect to Sean Combs, hopefully get there some day. I know this sounds like a plug for the I wanna work for Didddy tv show, but it aint. Giving props to where its due. Enjoy the show. Oh and incase your wondering who or what Black Buffet is...Puffy woke up and decided on that name this morning.

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