Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sticker FIghter 215 edition

Blanka!!!, originally uploaded by frost215.

Been seeing the previews for the new Street Fighter and it looks amazing! Cant believe that its released in Asia right now and we are left waiting anxiously here in the states. GIVE IT TO US NOW!!!

Been playing since the 2nd one came out and the whole franchise was just so great to follow since then. Developing more and better characters. Except for T.Hawk, he sucked. Not caused he's Native American, can't you tell with that clever name? but we would just karate chop and slide across the screen with his Canadian Tuxedo vest. It was horrible.

Blanka on the other hand will pounce on you, bite your face off and jump off you while kicking you down at the same time. Freakin awesome. Although, their is a new character called EL FUERTE. A luchador has come in the ranks and will definitely have to prove himself in combat. Cant wait for the video game to drop! im such a geek.

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