Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things are picking up back at the Lab and even though i should be diligently working, I have a few things that always keeps me distracted. 1st is my love of good television. It's hard to find good tv. If its not reality or a celebrity show acting a fool, it usually flies right under the radar. Here are a few shows that you may wanna check out that's quality and worth watching.

Monday nights

Heroes on NBC.

Gotta love this, its like X-Men, but with less emphasis on being mutants but "special". Awesome powers to a guy that can stop time, a guy that can fly, a mad scientist, a girl who cant feel pain, a guy that can absorb powers and also a guy that can take away powers. There's more heroes/villains than that, so you just gotta watch it to catch up. Here's the last ep. If you haven't u should really start from the 1st and skip the 2nd season. Then watch the 3rd. That's when things are actually picking up and people are using their powers to fight. Even though i think it could still use more fighting.

Tuesday nights

I got nothing on TV for Tuesdays. I usually catch up on weekend shows i mightve missed. Gotta love OnDemand.

Wednesday nights

Sons Of Anarchy

If you liked the Sopranos, you have to love this new show. It's the first season and its seriously kicking some ass. First off Peggy Bundy plays a bad ass in this. She does not take any shit. One episode she hits a chick in the face with a skateboard and cracked her nose to shit. The story line is that this local biker gang "Sons of Anarchy" is in charge of a local town called Charming and has to fight some of the law ( some cops are on the take) and also fellow biker gangs around the area. Each side is equally represented. Each episode gets you closer to the innner workings of the whole Biker family and how they operate behind the curtains. Their are tons of bikes, dudes in leather jackets and some good action. 1 scene was a former member got tied up to a car lift and had the choice of either getting his back either carved or burned to shit. The rule was once u get kicked out you have to completely black out your patch on the back. It's the same logo they have on their leather jackets, but tattooed on their back. He chose to get it burned off.

Thursday nights

This is my fave. tv night. It starts on NBC and carries over to FX.

My name is Earl
A great show in it's 4th season i think. If you haven't heard, Jason Lee plays Earl who was a lowlife crook in the beginning of the series, but learned about karma when he was lying on a hospital bed because he got hit by a car after he realized he won the lottery. He makes a list of all things he has done bad and goes on by trying to make right and make up to the people he has done wrong in the past. Great premise for a show simply cuz they can bring on any special guests they want and have ridiculous story line.

Kath & Kim
I gotta be honest the first time i heard bout this i thought it was a "chick" show at first, but dammit its high-larious. Molly Shannon is great in this. I used to not like her, but this role is perfect. Plus theirs the white scrawny guy from Wildin' Out. He's funny when he's on camera. It references alot of Hollywood stereotype jokes. It was an Australian series that got adapted for a U. S audience. Kinda like the Office. and well u know how funny that show is. If not i got that down below too. Molly Shannon just found her perfect fairy tale wedding dress and its a Lil Bo Peep dress.

The Office
If you don't know about this show already then your out of the loop. Hilarious office antics and office romances. Great show.

30 Rock
I came on late with this show. I started watching it the 2nd season simply because i thought it was a L.A Law or Law N Order type of show. WAAAAY OFF! This show is fuckin great. Tracy Morgan is awesome in this show and ofcourse Tina Fey is a brilliant actress and writer. Throw in the good Baldwin and you got your self a WINNER! With a new season ahead and prolly a bigger budget from all those awards, they are bringing in guest stars left and right. Great supporting cast and definitely a classic in the making. This makes fun of all the behind the scenes that goes on NBC studios. At first it was about a SNL type show and the crazy-ness they gotta do to put on a show, but lately it's becoming more personal story lines between each cast member. Just watch it

Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX
I am obsessed with this show. This is the best show on tv in my opinion. It has the great formula Seinfeld implemented. 3 guys and 1 girl all are jerks, but you love to hate them. The seaon is ending tomorrow with a musical about Day Man ( Fighter of the Night man, master of karate) This season has been a ridiculous roller coaster of story lines from "The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell" to " Who Pooped on the Bed". They also talked about cannibalism, being a bum and viral videos. Great cast of character that also write and produce. Also, the fact that its a hilarious comedy being shot in Philadelphia is a great great perk. They shoot in the area and they are super nice guys. Got to meet up with a few of them when they are shooting and they love their fans. I leave you with the song Night Man & Day Man.

Usually not around the night to watch shows, but I do dvr and catch up on some through OnDemand.

Star Wars The Clone Wars

Im not a star wars geek, but i do love some good action. I watched the animated clone wars by the dude who animated Samurai Jack (also a great show) and then the CGI movie. This takes place after the movie and ties in the old & new star wars story line. Only a half hour, so it has to be very quick and action packed. Here's Yoda kickin some droid ass!

If you liked the movie, this is equally as good. Just a longer version of the major fuck ups and stories crossing over of the movie. Dennis Hopper is the biggest star of this series. They have alot of guys that i have never seen. maybe b movies? I know the asian dude from the 1st Fast and the Furious is in it playing an EMT. The writing is pretty good especially for the stuff Dennis Hopper comes out with. His character is slightly insane/retarded and pure genious all in 1. This is in Starz. So you gotta subscribe to it to be able to watch it.


To wrap up the week, you start off with FOX's animation domination. Starting with the Simpsons.

The Simpsons

Still on after 19 years. Practically my whole life. I got raised by the morals of Homer and crazy antics of Bart.
Some say the writing has fallen off, but since the movie got put out i think the animation has just been stepped up and can definitely see the difference. The writing on the other hand is a hit or miss, but i am loyal and can not say anything horrible about this show. Keep putting out more great shows! Bring back Futurama!!!!

King of the Hill

I heard this may be there last season. I am not an avid follower, but when i do watch it im never disapointed. The animation could be alot better, but the writing is hilarious. It's a great sneak peek of how life down in Texas really is.

Family Guy
A must watch show. Can't get enough of their pop culture references and hilarious antics. An awesome episode down below from this season...cuz unless you havent heard....the bird is the word!


Looking for pointers on how to be a great serial killer? Watch Dexter! This show is so demented at points that you start feeling something for a murderer who has to kills because its a necessity. Dexter is the killer of killers. If you slip through the system, Dexter is their to pick up the crumbs. ( can you tell im running out of steam on these reviews? haha)

True Blood

HBO's newest series about Vampires. Vampires have come out of hiding and can now drink synthetic blood to keep them alive, making them safer for humans. An entertaining show set down south. Rouge from X-Men is the main character and she falls in love with a local vampire. You get to see the interactions between the town folks and how a vampire is accepted, u also see how Vampires react to this new "coming out of the coffins" issue between them and the humans and also some humans are fucked up enough that they drink vampire blood to get high. Blood and boobs are always a guarantee for each episode. Suki (Rogue aka Anna Paquin) is a southern belle with the vampire bf. She also has a best friend who's Mom got an exorcism via Voodoo Priestess, a brother who is a sex addict and a v addict (thats vampire blood) and then her bf Bill who is the local vampire with the heart of gold. I like the similarities they are trying to accomplish with racism down south and how it pertains to vampires and just different people in general. I was iffy at first with this series, but its clearly in the line up for things to watch.

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