Sunday, November 9, 2008

T and P fine art

Front sign, originally uploaded by frost215.

A new gallery just opened up in South Philadelphia this weekend and man was it a kick ass show. Out of respect, their are no photos of the stuff in the event because it was soooo good u have to check it out yourself.

The story is pretty damn awesome. The owners are both from Philly and LA. They love the street art community and wanted to showcase some new raw talent coming up and also some seasoned veterans. I met both the owners and they are the most down to earth people and has so much love for the gallery cuz they are truly just big fans themselves. Gina their gallery manager, absoultey did a great job hanging and showcasing the pieces. Their was also free booze and food at the opening. You can't beat something like that.

Finally, something like this have hit Philly. Don't get me wrong, Lineage when it was in Philly, was a great place to catch some highly talented individuals from across the world, but the location and price that went along with Lineage was i think its complete downfall. T and P on the other definitely did not feel like Lineage, it was a new blood coming into the gallery scene and revitalizing the street art/lowbrow appreciation in Philadelphia. T and P felt like the missing puzzle piece for Philadelphia street art and appreciation to grow further and get noticed by other cities. Philly loves the raw and real talent being featured outside our cities, but now its here and we are all excited about it.

Check out their site at T and P Gallery they have tons of new events already planned in the near future. So i hope to see you there on the next opening!

Some art outside of the gallery too!

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