Sunday, November 8, 2009



canvases have been moved to my online store at

Canvases are going up for sale lower than it was from the show it was originally shown at. I've been getting a good response from alot of the fans and supporters on the past few posts and just would like to thank you so much for the love and support. I want everyone to be available to afford the art they like so I priced these canvases almost half from what they were listed before.

The new orders for prints and vinyl records were packed and made tonight. Your packs will be going out this week and I included some stickers, buttons, stickers from a few friends along the way, collabs when requested and a lil extra surprise. Canvases purchases will also include the same thing. Check out Mister's pack here. If any other people have pictures of stickers, canvsases or any EL TORO pics please email them to me and I will post here.

Canvases here...

This is not the Kitten Mittons informecial because it got taken down. But this is also hilarious from the gang. "Oh shit theirs stickers!"

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