Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friends with Benefits show a huge success!

We lay out the all of the canvases on the floor before we hang to see the colors and how each piece interacts with one another once they are close. 

The main wall

Setting up
This is one of the fun and stressful time of the show. Laying a show out has always been a fun and stressful process. You always want to WOW the audience and also tell a story with the paintings. I love when you  capture their attention and they move on and then when they come back they appreciate something new that they missed. With 50+ canvases things got a lil hectic laying this show out.  Thanks to all the people who showed up and supported us. If you have any pictures from the show please email me at or if your on flickr add it to the group

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Thank you so much to everyone that came to the show! It was such a huge success and couldn't have happened with out the support and love we got from last night. Pictures from the event have been popping on the the flickr group. I am still waiting on the official show pictures. More to come very very soon!

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