Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Transformers War for Cybertron

I LOVE that they used the old sounds from the G1 Cartoon and also that raspy voice for the intro. Classic G1 cartoon feel to the whole thing with bigger explosions and better animation. Also, noticed that Cybertron itself is a transformer, one scene when Optimus was riding to stop Starscream, the planet looked like it was transforming new roads. I am super stoked to see this come out. They haven't made a quality Transformer game ever! That ps2 game was ok cuz you could transform at will, but the game play got really old. I heard this 1 you can transform at will and you can also be a flying decepticon. That's gonna freakin rule! oh and 2 story modes 1 for Autobot and 1 for Decepticons. Obviously im gonna beat the Decepticons story line first.

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