Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Autumn Society presents: "The 90's show"

The flyer
"Calvin and Toro" sketch

Here's a sketch for my piece in "The 90's show" organized by The Autumn Society at Brave New Worlds entitled "The 90's Show". You can see more of the other submissions at the Autumn Society blog.  For the final piece click on the jump!

Take me to the final piece! Check it out here!

"Calvin and Toro" Inked final 

Calvin and Hobbes was such a big influence on me growing up. It was the only reason I opened up a newspaper in the 90's. Bill Watterson is a genius writing stories that just took you in an adventure inside Calvin's imagination. Hobbes was such an awesome character that complimented the crazy ways of Calvin and also he was the perfect partner for mischief.

I was searching for my own Hobbes at one point and I believe it definitely influenced me years down the line to make up an imaginary friend called EL TORO.

See you guys at the show!

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