Monday, December 27, 2010

The Simpsons

I have been a Simpsons fan since the first time I saw the series. I made sure I was home every night to catch the reruns in the Philippines. I even owned a few bootleg Bart t-shirts back in the 90s. There was no other show that was like them. Literally every tv show now cant be original because the Simpsons already done it. So they have no choice, but to even just get crazier. Like Family Guy, Aqua Teen, South Park, etc.
Right now the Simpsons are very different from the best seasons (IMHO) were 3 - 6. Those seasons had the classic episdoes every one remembers. Right now though even though being so different the animation has been stepped up so much better. This year was awesome they had Bansky direct an opening sequence. Screenshots below are my 2 favorite parts. Panda slave labor hauling Bart dolls and Unicorns helping to make the DVD holes in the Simpsons season discs. They also did Simpson puppets with Katy Perry. Check out this dudes flickr for some awesome behind the scenes pics! Double score!

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