Monday, May 3, 2010

3rd Annual Deck Heads Show @ Exit Philadelphia

Here's the flyer for the Deck Heads show @ Exit Philadelphia. My piece is called Separation Anxiety.

For pictures of my submission and to find out more about the show, read more here.

From the site:
"This year we decided to go all out for our annual skateboard art show. We managed to get over 80 of the most talented artist around to contribute to this years show and also recruited help from 3 of Philadelphia's favorite galleries AmberellaJinxed, and Jolie Laide for a special collaborative project. This will be a night to remember. Never before has Philly been able to pack this much art, skateboarding, and Philly Love into 4 walls!

Hope to See you there!
Unlike our silent auction shows of the past this event will be "CASH AND CARRY" event. So bring your greenbacks! "
The list of artists
Chris Pastras
Clint Peterson
Silas Finch
Scott Kmiec
Sean Gallager
Concetta Barbera
Dave Rankin
Adam Pietras
Justin Berry
Bill McRight
Chris "Salty Snacks" Kline
Ben Woodward
Anthony Pasarela
John Freeborn
Dave Fox
Dave Weeks
Dave Glass
J.L. Schnabel
Jason Goldberg
Eric Eaton
Paul Romano
Andrew Clark
Fatt Matt McGarvey
Matt Kosoy
Jon Bocksel
Dietrich Meyer
Chris Clark
Joseph Livewell
Steve Miller
Bill Pierce
Jude Martys
Joey Gothelf
James Heimer
Joe Castro
Ki Realer
Pat Heid
Brit Hawk
Eric Kenney
Bill Reeves
TJ McGlade
Nick Zegel
Jason Andrew Turner
Ricky Geiger
Jesse Clayton
Adam Wallacavage
Katherine Allan
Kris Chau
Eugene Ewing
Dave Fox
Stephanie Kao
Amber Lynn
Mark McQuilling
Bill Sands
J.L. Schnabel
Heather Jo Wingate
Melissa Lomax
Jeffro Kilpatrick
K Wiz
James Heimer
Jon Parkton
Mike Niemiec
Christine Larsen
Matt Cavanaugh
George Tan
Ralph "Awesome Dude"
Shaky "Awesome Dude"
Pat Bryan
Todd Marrone
Ryan De La Cruz
Frost 215
Paul Clark
Yis "Nose Go" Goodwin
Chris Picco
Sheldon Abba
Matthew Gribben
Kevin Baker
Donald Baechler
Tom Costa
Daniel Gerwin
Christina Sucgang
Simon Slater
Robert Siegel

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