Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last Sunday my good friends at Abakus celebrated their 2 year anniversary. It's really nice to see that with the economy slumping and every one saying we're in a recession, the great still succeed and float on top. I remember 3 years back sooo many street wear shops in Philly. You had your choices on where to cop the new shit, but u know what? No one held it down like what Abakus is doing now. Respect the game fellas.

For their 2nd year party they released a limited edition collaboration with Crooks N Castles. Mixing the iconic Crooks n Castle Medusa head with Abakus' takeout boxes. 30 white tees & 30 black tees. The black ones sold out in like an hour and the white ones quickly followed. They also had new snap back hats that they collaborated with Philly's own Mitchell and Ness. Sorry for the lack of pics on these products. You can kinda see it in the video below.

Video via Abakus' blog. For my pics of the show, click on the link below.
ABAKUS TAKEOUT II YEAR from abakustakeout on Vimeo.

Click here to see my pictures

The crowd inside

Blame it on the Henny

It was flowing like watah

After taking a shot and downing a beer I got really drunk. Then I realized I haven't eaten anything all day. Found this noodle shop that hand pull their noodles in house. It was delicious.

Free fortune cookies outside

Handing fortune cookies out to cars and pedestrian

Fortune Cookie street team

Back inside...a dance battle begins

Video coming soon...

This is Ky. He was taking pictures all day. 

Game in the background

Just to show 1 side of their shoe wall

and above it

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