Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Hustle

I went and documented what my last Saturday consisted of. Just wanted to share a Day in the life.. sorta way. Check out the full post after the jump, it has tons of fliks and blurbs.

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Every morning I try to drink a cup of this to wake me up. Best coffee ever. Any leftover coffee that's gone cold you can put some ice cubes with and make it an iced coffee with out feeling like it's all watered down. Cheaper than most coffee out there too. Conveniently located in the Asian grocery store  on Washington St. Some day i'd like to go visit the real deal in New Orleans.

Rockin my 14bolt shirt today. They are printed on American Apparel tees, but not the super skinny kind. Very soft and light weight. Also the print job is with Aqueos inks so it lays flat rather than having tons of ink caked on the front. Get some at his store

Before I go out I check my email and try to write a blog post or a flickr update. Usually I'm pretty beat when I get home from work and slack on the updates, so I try to catch up as much as I can on the weekend.

I needed a few things for some upcoming projects and so my first stop was Fabric row. It's a strip of 4th street between South st. and Christian that has all these tailors and fabric shops. Each store has their own stock and most of them has this set up all over the back wall. It's definitely very inspiring to go and check out some color combos and patterns I might use for later. Gonna post a few samples in another blog post.

Sharing the bike lane.

2nd stop was Chinatown for my meeting with Abakus to discuss our upcoming show this Summer. The 2nd year anniversary is gonna b dope. I saw the upcoming collab tee with Crooks n Castles and its gonna be hot fire! 

Just a few things you might see on the streets of Chinatown, Philly.

Got hungry and stopped by Solo. Every selection is served on a skewer. Meats on a stick what more could you ask for. I got beef and fishballs. Disclaimer: Fishballs are NOT actual fish genitalia. It's basically a round fish stick. 

Had a great meeting with Ky and Gabe from Abakus. We got big things planned and a really good direction for the show. I'm fortunate to get hooked up with these guys. So far here's the details it's July 10 and it's only from 6pm - 10pm. We will be printing very limited collaboration tees for the event so get there early! More things are lined up, just cant say it yet. Got my official Abakus hat by Mitchell N Ness (size 7 5/8, but i need an 8 cuz i got a huge head..thats what she said) and had to get matching The Hundreds shoe. 

Rode back home and found some of the new Philly Fanatics around. Then found another Trust Corp. sign. Love these guys. Finally, just a great Philly handstyle example and delicious to boot! 

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