Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Agenda NYC 2011

I've been a fan of streetwear scene and was always curious on working these shows one day with my own line. I always saw Magic was always like the tradeshow to be at and need to be to get known. Now, Agenda is leading the way in even more niche class of companies that specializes in selling to small boutique stores. Companies like Mishka, Hundreds and Herschel  can flourish and meet potential shop owners who are interested in these companies and can get them direct contact right away. Magic is so big that the smaller niche companies get lost in the ocean of start up clothing lines and big department store clothing lines. Aaron Levant is the man that put Agenda together. You can get to know a lil bit more about the man and the show by watching this video from hypebeast. I actually had the opportunity to thank him for organizing the show and even got to pass him a sticker pack.

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If you are a reader of my blog you may have remembered me blogging about going to Matt Siren's show at Slingluff Gallery around 2 weeks ago and meeting tons of awesome people. One of them was Adam, a sales rep for Skullcandy. He was awesome enough to hand me his card that night and said we may need some one to work Agenda NYC in a few weeks and I was definitely interested.
 Flash forward 2 weeks later and Im travelling to NYC on the most shittiest weather days in the east coast ever to Agenda in NYC. My MegaBus got cancelled due to the crappy weather and all other buses were too. Thank god for my gf in motivating me because all signs were saying no until she convinced me to just take the train to NYC. My train did get stuck on the tracks for 30min because of some electrical malfunction. Finally got to Agenda around 11 and had a fuckin blast drawing skulls on record album covers for SkullCandy all day. I wish I had more pics of the set up but the people in the booths were strict in letting people take photos of their upcoming line. I also got some free stuff which I will blog about seperately.
Thanks again Josh, Adam, Jeff and the rest of the crew from Skullcandy. Thanks to all the people that came up to me and just talked. Shout out to Demon. He Chilled and drew some stickers with me at the end of the show. Here's what the Skullcandy exhibit looked like.
 Matt Siren did Mondays show and here are the covers he did with some of mine.
 I want these gold ones!
Skull candy should hire me to make some sugar skull inspired stuff! It makes total sense, why have they not done this yet?!
 The gold and silver ones are definitely my favorite.

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