Monday, January 24, 2011


Stance socks are the truth! You are looking at the most comfortable socks I've ever worn ever. I was lucky enough to meet John from Stance at Agenda and he hooked me up with 2 fresh pair of the dopest socks I've ever owned. I was a Golden Toe man until I put on my Stance socks. The first time I put on the thicker wool socks (WOOL PIG) I didn't take it off my feet for almost 24 hours. It was so comfortable and warm. So perfect for this brick mother f*kin cold weather here in Philly.  Also, when I did take them off, my feet didn't smell and they were dry. Nothing worst than a damp sock, gross... These are the best pair of socks ever.

Go to your local skate store and tell them to buy a ton. These socks need to be on everyones feet. They got some sweet selection of colorways to match some of your kicks and even an artist series collection.

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