Sunday, January 2, 2011

Artists that inspire me - Pez

Artists that inspire me is a new section in the blog I would like to start writing about. I would like to highlight the people that brought me to where I am now and clearly with out their visual stimulation I won't be here writing this. I would like to introduce to you, Pez.
No not the candy. The spanish artists that draws his awesome fish characters everywhere! He's definitely a big influence from the very beginning (along with many others) when I was first introduced to character based street art. He should definitely be more well known and is a big credit to where character based street art is being more accepted because of him laying the ground work down in the beginning. His blogsiteshop.
This awesome sculpt can be purchased at Nukods bigcartel

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El Chico de los Rombos said...

me too, one of my favourites and in person is a very big person too.