Friday, January 15, 2010


Just finished 8x10 painting this last night for my nephew Leo (get it?). It got cropped slightly while I scanned it though. It's going to be Leos B-day present. He's probably not going to enjoy it as much as a 10" Optimus Prime toy, but I think he'll enjoy it longer in his life. Although the 10" Optimus kicks ass too, I want one now.

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Again trying to do the whole no black deco marker for outlines on my new canvases and its coming along great. I think i need to pick up a new brush cuz I keep going back on my outlines to make them thicker and cleaner. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I just got some sweet Liquitex soft body paints from Amanda for my bday present. I used the Cadmium Orange for this one. I also got a sweet purple that I'll be using for another canvas I just sketched out last night. Stay tuned for that one. These new canvases are going to be more light hearted and more fun than the darker canvases I've done in the past.

Oh yeh.. so other than literally having a Lion present for my nephew Leo, this painting has other meanings for me. Growing up as a kid in the Philippines, my aunts and uncles would always encourage my creativity and my imagination for the unknown. They didn't limit my abilities and my imagination by telling me things were far fetched or un attainable. If you can dream it, you can do it. I have very fond memories of me and my aunt just sitting and doodling all kinds of crazy characters and scenarios in the kitchen at my grand parents house on Sunday afternoons. I don't see Leo as much as I should so I hope this will help me be a presence in his life growing up. I want him to keep being a kid and imagine everything he could. Also, I hope this reminds me that from time to time you just need to RAWR out loud and let your inner beast comes out. It's healthy. I rawr all the time randomly at home. So Leo, if your reading this 20 years from now, I hope your still imagining and being creative, don't let any one take that away from you.

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