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This Time Tomorrow premieres  at the Trocadero in Philly!
Feb. 5, 2009! Link and trailers click on

A long time ago when I was around 9 I saw the movie "Gleaming the Cube" starring Christian Slater and skaters like Tony Hawk & Steve Caballero. The movie is great, if you haven't seen I feel sorry for you cuz your totally missing out on some 80's nostalgia. This started my interest and I wanted to skate just like them. Now acquiring a skateboard like they had in the movies was damn near next to impossible in the Philippines. I still remember my board, it was a neon green plastic board with gigantic wheels. You can barely do anything, but stand up on this board. One day, I was going down this street and I thought my sister called to me. I looked back and there I go, skateboard shoots out from under me and I fall smack on the ground breaking my left wrist. My sister saw the whole thing and took me back home right away. I was 9 and she was 15, we didn't know what a broken arm looked like. So I remember sleeping till my dad got home and rushed to the emergency room soon after. Again, this is all happening in the Philippines, early 1990's where their were rolling black outs (brown outs in the Philippines). Surely enough, when I got to finally sit down with the doctor to fix my arm, the power went out. Awesome... What happend after that gets a little fuzzy. I remember sitting in his office and him placing his hands on my wrist and popping the bones back in place. That hurt like a mother bitch. Things get fuzzy, then I remember having a cast. Had that on for 6 months and I didn't get back on that board after. Not till I was a freshman in college where I got introduced to 411 videos by one of my friends. I was completely hooked again. I soon hunted for more movies! Not since Fully Flared where I got really excited about a skate video. The  new-ish Nike video was good, but wasn't memorable.

The whole point of this was that there is a video premiering at the Trocadero on Feb. 5 called "This Time Tomrrow" by Chris Mulhern. Here's the snippet about it...

"Themed around the transition from day to night skating, “This Time Tomorrow” will feature the talent of Devon Connell, Jimmy McDonald, Curtis Rapp, Dave Caddo, Brendan Granstrand and Will Harmon. Filming has taken place over the course of 3 years, with almost 9 months spent abroad in such locales as London, Paris, Lyon, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Venice, Trieste and Montreal. Even so, the majority of the film was shot right here in Philadelphia, a city absent in many of today’s video projects and long forgotten by the industry. The United Kingdom’s Rory Milanes, Steph Morgan and Lucien Clarke make up nearly half the film and create a strong British presence. Each of their sections were shot in the streets of London, where short days and long nights make the camera light a must. Time was also spent in various other locations along the eastern seaboard including Boston, N.Y.C, Washington D.C. and Miami. Guest appearances in the film include Steve Durante, Brian Douglas, Shaun Williams, John Kroesser, Pat Heid, Jimmy Carr, Daniel Kim, Ricky Geiger, Pat Stiener, Rich Adler, Steve Brandi and many more. The creators of “Few & Far Between” bring you this new independent film arriving in February of 2010."

Visit the site for the full trailer!

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