Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is the Droid I'm looking for...

I got the new HTC Eris  a couple weeks ago and I've been enjoying this life organizer ever since. It's so convenient to have everything all in one device right now, pictures, music/video player, radio, phone, web.. its got everything. Slightly smaller than the iphone, but the screen is still big enough to watch comfortably with out squinting. The built in 5 mega pixel camera is so good to have on the go. The only thing I could really want with this is a flash since the camera isn't so good in dim lighting like a restaurant. The appz are the shit, most of em are free. I got a app that lets me stream a station while i'm driving so if i don't have the music I want to listen to I can just put that on and all is good. So enough of the tech talk here are some fliks of the new phone.

Fried Steak w. Biscuits, Onion Rings & Mac N Cheese @ Honeys

The biggest distraction ever...

Cuban Skirt Steak on top of rice with a side of plantains and across the table is Ropa Vieja with a side of white rice @ Cuba Libre  

For dessert Cafe con Leche and Cafe Xocolat (spelling not correct)
Thanks for everything Amanda. What a great night!

I went down this slide @ Bounce U 

And played dodge ball in here

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