Sunday, February 7, 2010


Heartburn..., originally uploaded by ELTORO215.
The annual Heart Show by Jinxed is coming up this Valentines day and this is my piece for it. I knew I wanted to do a woodburn since most of the submissions will be on the wooden hearts that were given out. I waited to long and missed out on that and had to get one from AC Moore instead. It's much thicker and provided a better surface for me to woodburn on. I'm super stoked on how it turned out. Should be a really awesome show, with over 100 artist listed as participating it will be a great show. The show will be at Jinxed which is located in the Piazza at Northern Liberties, 2.14.2010.

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This is based off my original sketch here

Photoshop gives me the spinning ball alot at work and i cant do anything except wait and doodle. Trying out a fuzzy EL TORO with the mouth being open. I'm liking it alot more than i thought it would come out. I sketched it out first and then busted out some sharpies for the black outline. 

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Joshua Wysocki said...

i love ur wood! haha
i wish i could of gotten in on the heart madness, i better email that autumn society ASAP