Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stand Out Stickers

You might notice the latest add on to the right of the blog. I am starting to put some quality companies I have found to help guide some people in the companies that I've used, heard about and trusted in the past. I get asked a lot about stickers and who to go for printing. So my first link up there is a company called StandOut Stickers. Josh? passed me the link first and then I found another posting on about them. I decided to take a further look and see what they are all about. See what I found out after the jump...


The prices on full color vinyl stickers are expensive, but damn are they worth it. I love the smell of fresh vinyl. Mmmm..... The only place I know that do a good job on full color vinyl stickers Sticker Robot.

Here's a comparison of pricing of Sticker Robot vs StandOut Stickers. I put in a custom order for a 4x4 die cut full color vinyl sticker with a kiss cut. The price is very close, but StandOut Stickers have a cheaper shipping charge and making it the winner!

Sticker Robot
 The total is 410 plus 20 bucks for shipping.

WINNER StandOut Stickers

Also, check out this awesome die cut machine they got. It's so bad ass! I want one of these so bad.

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