Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing can kill the Grimace

Collaboration canvas with Underwater Pirates and Ticky for the Friends with Benefits show in April. I came up with this idea randomly one week and decided to try it out. I sketched out the Grimace Toro and gave it to the guys to get down on. Bob and Josh? still needs to get down on this and very excited to see how it looks.

So do you like the Grimace? Do you think he's adorable purple monster? Read to find out some new facts about the Grimace.

Read more about the Grimace

So doing my research I do my usual search on Google images and saw some images of Grimace I never knew before. Did you know he used to have 4 arms? 4 arms like that dude Gordo from Mortal Kombat. Why did he have 4 arms? Cuz he a mother f'n villain of McDonald land. He's a purple gully monster that would Deebo all the cups and shakes from Ronald. When did he turn to Ronalds lil' bitch? Im not sure, but I think the Hamburgler snitched on him and he was never the same after that.
Don't believe me... here are some proof!

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R2F! said...

ahahaha. yes. nothing can kill the grimace. by the way im gonna try to make it to the show in april. if i get a new transmission in my car by then :(