Monday, March 1, 2010

14 Bolt is my homie

Man what a great package from my man on the west coast 14 Bolt. If you don't know about him I suggest lookin at his flickr page. This man does work! He's been in the game before I knew the game even existed! He took a hiatus and now he's back makin waves in the sticker art world. I met him once in LA and he is a fun loving lil spanish dude who is great to hang out with and always crackin' jokes. Check out this awesome pack from him. He included tons of his own vinyl, collabs and also a bunch of others from trades i think. Also, hooked it up wit a slick hand drawn and a west coast writer that i cant read, but i know he's gotta b older since the crews he represents have been established for a while.

More fliks of the pack here

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