Thursday, March 11, 2010

Occular Awesomeness® Part.1

Occular Awesomeness® for the masses
Love getting stickers from my friends. Painting sessions always lead to some stickers and trading. More UnderWaterPirates pictures here. I love Junobo. Originated in Philly and truly one of a kind. Check them out, they are doing it big 2010.
Got to hang out with Goest at one of the collab sessions. 
Aaarrrggghh!! It's nice to draw something and your friends will just take their own spin on it. 

Made for a friend, trying to help him get a mark.

Before you ask that's called Diamond Plating Vinyl paper
Don't forget to check out the Friends with Benefits blog for some behind the scenes look from me and the other artists in the show.
Prints are still for sale at the store for people who want to purchase some affordable art work.
Blogger is freakin weird..sorry for the look of this post, cant figure out why it's changing colors on me.

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