Friday, March 26, 2010

Video killed the radio star...

Recent videos around the interwebs

Wu Massacre (Meth, Rae, Ghost) video

If Saul Bass did the intro for Lost & Tron

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Tron vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World trailer

Girl balances 15 books while reciting pi to the 100th degree and solves a rubiks cube

Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchuks..yeh you read the correct

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erica said...

hey! i don't know if ticky or UWP told me about my blog, but please stop by and check it out! i really would love to get an interview with you for it!

let me know what you think! i never ever use wordpress though, so drop me a comment on twitter or on Painted Philly!