Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real recognize real

When i was out putting flyers for the Friends with Benefits show this past Saturday, I was stopped by Lamara, a photographer/blogger from Uk studying abroad here in Temple. She stopped me as I was admiring a new Michael DeFeo sticker on Walnut st, along with so many other Philly street artists. We talked about graffiti and Philadelphia street culture and she taped the whole thing. I do got to apologize to Michael De Feo, since I credited Peter Fowler as being the Flower guy. With my mind thinking of good and precise answers for Lamara, I totally made the mistake of crediting the wrong dude. Peter Fowler kicks butt too! Michael De Feo was speaking at University of Penn last week and pasted a few of his iconic flower graphic.

Watch the video after the jump

Philadelphia People Episode 1 from Lemara Lindsay-Prince on Vimeo.

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