Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Custom Yoka Bear

Here's my submission for the Yoka bear custom show going at the Designercon 2009 at Pasadena, CA on Nov. 21st. I was fortunate enough to be invited by DKE toys to be part of this great show. DKE toys organized the Custom Vader helmet show that toured around the globe, inviting artists from everywhere to customize their very own Vader helmet. This Yoka bear show should be a doozy, im expecting the pictures are slowly getting released.

I wanted to do something non bear related cuz im sure their was going to be something similar like it from another great artist. I chose something obscure and wanted to do Bebop from TMNT. He was a great footman/side kick along with his partner Rocksteady. Clearly great 80s lingo referring to the booming Hip hop influence in the culture. Even back then I knew i connected with something. Thanks to my girlfriend for helping me make his jewelry fit better. With out her those details would not be possible. The hardest part was to get that damn nose piercing inserted. For more info please visit Designercon 2009

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