Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here's the upcoming t-shirt graphic for release this month. Plans are still being made on how to obtain this for everyone as fair as possible. Right now I know that the size and quantity is going to be super limited for this one so dont sleep on it. Also, I know everyone is hurting with money and these will be priced very reasonably considering its a 5+ color print. Take a minute and participate in the poll so I can see what's the most popular sizes for people who are interested in purchasing this. Oh yeah, it'll probably some Paypal set up too. So sign up now if you want to purchase these.

This shirt is going to be releasing through Rarebreed here in Philly. Locals can always go to the shop and pick one up. The release date will be announced soon via my blog and other social networking sites.

What size of t-shirt would you buy?
Mens S
Mens M
Mens L
Mens XL
Girls S
Girls M
Girls L
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