Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Friday @ Proximity Gallery

Had a blast at the Dia De Los Muertos show at Proximity Gallery last Friday. It was first friday and so many people came out for support. The works were all top notch and some one even made some real sugar skulls. They were going for 10 bucks a pop and by the end of the night they were almost all gone. I was truly excited to be part of this event, I've always wanted to be part of one. The theme of the event has something I've been really in love with for a while and the whole imagery of the holiday is truly great.

I remember growing up in the Philippines and celebrating All Saints Day which lands on the same day and is very similar to the way the holiday is celebrated. Families would gather to cemetaries to celebrate and remember their departed loved ones, but rather than mourning its a day of laughs and good times. Another thing I vividly remember doing is collecting wax from all the candles and making wax balls (thats what she said) By the end of the day you come out with a big ball of wax full of different colors. Then I dont know what ever happend after that. I think I probably remelted it. haha

Ok back to the show....during the event their was a late night Pizza truck that drove by ringing a fire bell kinda like an ice cream truck, but serves all kinds of late night snacks. The choices were Pizza, white pizza, funnel cake, philly pretzels, pizza pretzels, water ice and gelato. For $1.50 a slice you really can't get any better. The pizza is made right in the truck and for 8 bucks you can get a whole pie. Oh and the truck only goes around Fishtown. You have to be in the area to here the bell. Wait, I was suppose to say something about the show and not pizza. The wall I got hung on was great, I was surrounded by awesome talent. More pics here

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