Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 with EL TORO, BOB & Nose

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009 invited me, Bob and Nose to do a live painting for the 2nd day of Philly Fashion Week. It's the first time Philly ever held a fashion week and now there's definitely going to be more in the future. They held the event at the Armory on 23rd st and it looks like an old castle, dungeon place where they store tanks. I saw Jin the MC once in college there and they had a huge tank for the back ground. I didnt know it was a working tank. That's crazy.

Tons of people in attendance to see the latest fashion going down in Philly. The headliner of the night was Triple 5 Soul with a performance from TuPhace. We started the wall around 3:30 and we taped off the background to make the stripes pattern. We ended up finishing around 9:30 right before Triple 5 Soul hit the stage. The whole night was a blast, we had VIP passes that made me feel like I was in Wayne's World and was flashing it to everybody haha. We used some organic green paint and also some Junobo to paint the whole thing. I love painting with these 2 guys simply because it's a push and pull on our creative outlook of the project. We have very different styles, but in the same time I think it compliments each other very well. Seriously the 2 great street artists in Philly, I couldn't have think of better guys to paint with. Im glad we represented Philly at its finest in the first ever Philly Fashion Week. We already got booked for the second one, so stay tuned!

Thanks for all the people in attendance that night, my gf for being a trooper, the random people who came up to us for photos or questions and Kaitlin for the invitation to be part of the show and also the rest of the people that organized the event. If your a photographer with some photos of the event please drop me a line, i'd love to see some great photos from that night.

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