Sunday, December 27, 2009

Green Sunday

The weather finally cleared up here in Philly today. After raining for what seems like 24+ hours straight, the sun finally came out. I decided to take a walk down to Abakus in chinatown and grab some new laces for my sneakers. They got them SB laces, super fresh colors. I copped a neon electric green and this baby blue with a touch of grey pairs. Stayed and hung out with Ky and a few shop heads to watch the game. 3 pizzas and 3 sides of buffalo wings later, we were all stuffed and cheering the Eagles on to victory over the Broncos today. Also lined up a loose date for our next collaborative endeavor and we were thinking sometime in July. We want to bring the heat with some new shit that hasn't been done on a collaborative tip.

Got home and finally finished one of the vinyls that I started a week or so back. I'm finally getting that urge back to paint a "collection", even though they are not particularly tied in with a theme. The way I paint is that I end up stock piling loose and finished sketches of poses for EL TORO and figure out what canvas it should go on. Then after mapping out a few sketches and what canvases I want them on, I get to work. I work on about 4-6 canvases at a time. I like to hop around and get a few done all at the same time. For some reason I just cant sit down start to finish. I gotta be able to put it down, walk away from it and come back to it feeling satisfied. I usually find something wrong with my initial attempt and try to correct any mistakes I need to fill in. Oh yeh, been watching Brotherhood on Instant Netflix lately. It's like the 2nd cousin of a bastard step child of The Sopranos and The Wire set it Rhode Island. Who knew Rhode Island got gangsters?

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