Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My 90's child hood

I was rummaging through my old stuff in the basement tonight to gather a few items for the Punk Rock flea market this December 20th. I found some awesome items I forgot that was down there like a Pocket Simon game that requires 2 AA batteries and 1 9volt battery; my Wizard magazine collection still in their original plastic packaging because I really thought these were going to be worth more than the cover price one day; random stuffed animals that I won going down the Jersey shore at a claw machine gamel; 2 Cat in the Hat hats. One black and red and the other one was white and red, oh yeah i know your jealous; my awesome pog collection (pictured) and lastly my random card collection of Marvel, DC, Baseball, Basketball and bootleg Dragon Ball Z cards that I also thought were going to pay for my kids college 1 day. The marvel cards are a major influence on my drawing style growing up. The piles of cards are organized via make and year of each series. I had alot of Marvel Masterpieces cards and also alot of Skybox series 4. I have some from the very 1st series, but those are kept with the other complete sets in a binder.

I dont know why pogs ever made sense to me, but I wanted to collect a shit load of them. Each pile of pogs were categorized like an 8 ball pile, skulls pile, yin yangs, animaniacs, original pogs from set and lastly pogs from the pog creator. Oh yes, this was a serious collection sure to impress the ladies. Having all these pogs around I was still afraid to play with any one. They were treasured pieces of cardboard that I couldn't bear let go. Also, I don think I knew another person that collected pogs in school or atleast admitted to it.

Alot of people say the 80's were the best, but you cant forget the charm about the 90's too. Now where did i hide my jean jacket and flannel?

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