Friday, December 4, 2009


Slacked on posting the flyer and making people aware of the show tonight, my bad. Truly a great cast of talented artists paricipating and then theirs me. Got word that Guillermo Del Toro and also Mike Mignola has gotten wind of this show via facebook and will be getting prints from the participants of the show. I wanted to put a sketchy comic book fill with my piece and attempted to recreate an old school feel to it. Its a hybrid of EL TORO and Hellboy. I pushed and pulled the mold of EL TORO to accomodate Hellboy-ish features like the hand of doom, his horns being on top of his head rather than the sides and also his red tail. I worked with a limited palette simply because A. It conveys an old school comic limited ink printing feel to it (maybe? i think so..) B. I had no other tools to color this the way i wanted it. I colored it with just red and black sharpie on a 8x8 canvas. So out of necessity came ingenuity. (write that down)

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