Friday, December 18, 2009

Motha F*ckin' Puppets YO!

This is my 200th post on my blog and what better way to celebrate than motha' f*ckin puppets yo! Here are a few of my favorite Muppets® / Puppet videos that caught my attention. The first 2 are recent Muppets® music videos and they are bad ass.

The first one is a cover of Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody". If you are Queen and a Muppets fan this is truly for you. Their are so many muppets featured on this video from both past and present. Even the Monamana guy made it in.

The second one is The Muppets singing Ringing of the bells. Beaker and Swedish chef getting much love and attention.

The third installment is from Craig Ferguson late night with guest Jason Segel performing as the Vampire from his movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Rumors has it that from doing this part in the movie he has gotten a chance to write the next muppets movie. (You see what i did there? Tied everything together, thats a nice!) Another fun fact is that he was already writing this Vampire musical as a side project and when they couldn't find a way to end Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason proposed this and him and the director immediately thought it was a genious idea. Unfortunately that last performance in the movie is not available on youtube, but found this fan made video of the Count performing "Dracula's Lament"

This last puppet posting is not a singing puppet, but a gangsta' ass puppet thats straight out of Montreal named Jay. My favorite design/graffiti group 123klan just designed his new blog and graphics. I currently have him as my desktop. You can find him at his site here. My gf said it reminded him of Franklin from Arrested Development. Remember him right? If not I posted that too!

Thanks for all my followers and readers. For those who have been waiting, new items will be making an appearance at the store soon and teaser pictures will be posted later. So keep checking the blog for more updates.

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