Saturday, December 19, 2009

Punk Rock Flea Market merch preview

My gf and I have been crafting all this week and finally paying off with amazing products for the punk rock flea market tomorrow. I managed to make new prints, new buttons and now introducing jewelry. Also printed new stickers that will be available for the first time at the punk rock flea market.

The button pack consists of 5 unique buttons, hand made stickers and a vinyl sticker.

The prints are packaged with a vinyl sticker and hand made stickers.

The jewelry comes packaged with a vinyl sticker and some hand made stickers too.

Sticky ricks came through just in time to get me my new vinyl stickers! Which I formed into a lil X-Mas sticker tree. It's been a while since i got stickers printed and man i am not running out for a while. They were having a ridiculous special when you order 1000 stickers you get 500 for free! These will be generously given out since i have so many right now.

These items will soon be available for purchase at my online store early next week depending on how they do at the Punk Rock Flea market tomorrow. Hope to see you all there, even though Philly just got dumped a butt load of snow. There is a huge snow bank outside my window right now.

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