Friday, December 11, 2009

Punk Rock Flea Market 2009 Winter Edition

More buttons..., originally uploaded by ELTORO215.

Currently on the grind on designing new button packs for the Punk Rock Flea Market show coming up this December 20th. Actually the show is at December 19th & 20th and it costs 3 bucks to get in, but that lets you in for BOTH days. Awesome right? It's going to be at the Starlight Ballroom this time, previous time they held it at the Electric Factory. This is a great way to pick up some affordable items right before the holidays! Any body who is a fan or knows of any can pick up some choice EL TORO items. I will be sharing a table with my gf and she will also be selling her very cute designs on buttons and jewelry too. Be sure to check the link out for details and more production shots of what will be sold will be posted soon.

Here's the write up about it.
*NEXT* Saturday December 19th and Sunday December 20th 10:00am to 5:00pm
At The Starlight Ballroom (460 N 9th Street - 9th & Spring Garden-ish)
All Ages / 21+ To Drink / $3 Entry Donation /


It's that time again for the bi-annual (twice a year) PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET. R5's most popular reoccurring event/show/whatever (by far). They had over 4000 visitors and 100+ tables of old records, clothes, art, music, food, junk, bicycles, stereo equipment, instruments, automobiles, tools, posters, furniture, computers, skateboards and lots of other stuff this past July. It's all going down at The Starlight Ballroom (right below 9th & Spring Garden Sts)

To meet the increasing demand of people wanting to sell their stuff at this – they have spread it out over two days. Each day will have entirely different sellers . Your admission donation is good for both days (so you can come in and out as many times as you would like over the weekend - In addition There will be much more room to shop compared to flea markets in the past
All proceeds raised will goto the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies to ensure that all ages shows continue to remain a reality at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia - mainly an annual payment for their liability insurance policy. Do not let the "name of the event" lead you to believe that it's just punk records, clothes etc. - it's a full on flea market with everything from furniture, to laptops / computers , to stereo equipment, to handmade apparel, to vegan treats, information from various non profit groups, book stores, artists selling their work, bicycles & skateboards and whatever else they can fit onto the ballroom floor at The Starlight Ballroom

In addition to the normal flea market stuff there will also be a full bar and food service kitchen to make the day go by a little faster as well as a rotating shift of WKDU DJs


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